Therapy 06 : Ovulation Boost


Ovulation plays a major role in reproductionOvaries hold the same importance to women as testicles to men. Located on both sides of the uterus, they are essential components of women’s reproductive system.

Indeed, they are mainly responsible for producing and releasing ovum (egg cells), which are necessary for fertilization to take place. So, proper egg release is a safeguard to pregnancy. Therefore any woman who wants to get pregnant needs to make sure she ovulates well.

If for any reason, your ovulation is problematicgive us a call. After diagnosis, we will prescribe a proper solution.

When this treatment is intended to you, you recover perfect ovulation process, regular periods, and egg release. If ovulation is your main obstacle to pregnancy, with this treatment you are definetly set to remove it. It will simply remain to use it.

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Reproduction is a long process; that requires the woman’s oocyte and the man’s semen (spermatozoa). When both are brought together in proper conditions, fertilization take place. For this very reason, many women confront issues in the egg release process. Without ovulation there is no egg and without egg, no baby. As important as it is, the situation usually depicts nothing else than an ovulation problem. That’s why , AFRIKAPURE formulates this therapy. It aims at correcting dysfunctions in the ovulation process to enable abundant and easy egg releases. Indeed Therapy 6 allows the woman to boost her ovulation . Let’s elaborate a bit on the ovulation process.



Ovulation is the release of an ovum from the ovary. Ovaries are like testicles to men. In fact, there are also two of them. They are both on either side of the uterus and are major components of the female reproductive system. Ovaries produce and release egg cells that are involved in reproduction.

Therapy 6 : Ovulation boost - WHAT IS OVULATION

Before a woman can release an ovum, she goes through a cycle. A woman’s cycle is either regular or irregular and lasts between 21 and 28 days. This can vary depending on her physiology and the release of reproductive hormones.

When the ovum is released from the ovary, a meeting with a spermatozoon will begin the reproductive process. This leads to fertilization and the formation of the embryo cell.




Many diseases and infections prevent a woman from ovulating. We list some of those and point to an appropriate therapy in case you feel concerned. For example :

  • Clogged tubes (A treatment for you)
  • Cysts (A therapy here)
  • Vaginal Infections like chlamydiaGonorrhea, and other STIs,
  • Hormonal Imbalance,
  • Endometriosis,
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome,
  • Etc …


Particular signs indicate  ovulation period and proper ovulation process.

  • Breast tenderness: During ovulation period, breasts become heavier and nipples react painfully at simple touch.
  • Increase in body temperature: During ovulation period, the body’s temperature is a little higher than regular days.
  • Vaginal discharge: Also called cervical mucus, becomes very abundant when ovulation approaches. It becomes a whitish or yellowish liquid with a slippery character. This consistency of mucus shapes the pathway for sperm to reach egg after intercourse.
  • Abdominal pain and cramps: women may experience pain during egg release.
  • Increased libido: Ovulation is triggered by a rise in hormone levels which also raise sexual appetite.

Frequently missing many of the above symptoms, can point to ovulation dysfunction. When such state is confirmed after medical examination, this therapy becomes of great help.




Therapy 6 : Ovulation boost

Therapy 6 helps recover perfect ovulation and get pregnant.

It already helped many to ovulate well, and get pregnant. We guarantee full satisfaction. If you are wondering why you should prefer this therapy, keep in mind that unlike classical alternatives, it causes no side effects, and perfectly works at giving quality ovulation and quality eggs.

To order Ovulation Boost, contact us here . We will take you through a diagnosis to confirm if it is suitable to you.

We are looking forward to help you.


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