Therapy 26: Sickle Cell Anemia Natural Treatment


This treatment is not about mere prevention and relief. It does more about the infections, the effects of the anemia, or any other symptoms. It restores your blood’s ability to self-regulate, and produce normal red blood cells. You recover proper blood and oxygen flow, and proper functionning of all organs, even in the presence of the mutated gene.

The treatment achieves these:

  • Relieves and permanently ceases crises
  • Cures the anemia
  • Gives the misshapen red blood cells their normal shape
  • Reestablishes normal oxygen flow

With the combination of plants such as: Fagara, Calotropis Procera etc…, it enables one to live sickle cell free. It corrects HbSC, both HbS Beta thalassemia types and the most severe case, HbSS.

This is not a life time medication, but rather a one time natural treatment to restore your blood’s quality and functions. It’s the key, to live without further medications or treatments related to the disease or its symptoms.

Consider this, your curative treatment for sickle cell anemia.

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Cure sickle cell anemia.

We all wish for a long and healthy life. However, sickle cell anemia patients can come short of both. They have a lot to deal with. And most begin their struggle since their early age. From the expression of the disease, through its symptoms and to the opportunistic complications is dire. Constant research however, is the key to effective therapies. Especially when there is no cure known to sickle cell diseases except bone marrow transplant. The illness therefore needs more than relief of pain and prevention of futher diseases. It requires the organs and the body to regain and maintain full functions even in the presence of the sickle cells gene. Actually, that’s what we have been working for. A natural and definitive treatment for sickle cell anemia.

What is sickle cell anemia

It’s the most severe type of sickle cell disease, and the most demanding in terms of care. It is also, the one that strikes earlier than the others, usually from 5 months of age. It is mainly characterised by a severe anemia, hence the permanent shortage of red blood cells in the body.
However, as any sickle cell disesase, it relates to an abnormal quality of red blood cells. All sickle cell diseases involve the presence of a defect in red blood cells production. That defect particularly comes from the quality of the hemoglobin.

sickle cell anemia natural treatment

Hemoglobin is responsible of the cells color, and oxygen carrying throughout the body. Its misproduction, prevents red blood cells from transporting oxygen properly, and also affects their shape. They change from disc-shaped, to sickle-shaped. However, what makes sickle cell difficult to treat is that the hemoglobin defect comes from a genetic modification.

Life with Sickle cell anemia

Troubles, mainly stem from the state of anemia in which the body is put through, to the blockage of blood flow by the sickled cells. Both conditions relate to the shape of the cells at the main stage, also, the primary cause of complications (that this natural treatment for sickle cell anemia corrects).

The anemia

Sickled red blood cells lack oxygen and do not live long. They disappear from the blood in a shorter time than regular red blood cells. They make it hard for the body to replenish itself in such a small period. The ones remaining clog smaller veins and have a hard time moving through, to bring oxygen and blood to the rest of the body.

That constant lack of red blood cells and oxygen creates a permanent state of anemia, which mainly prevent organs from proper function, and body parts from  good blood flow and circulation. This leads to organ damage, ulcers and life-threatening infections, such as pneumonia. When it comes to kids, the lack of blood carrying oxygen and nutrients, can lead to slow growth and deformity of the bones. Anemia is also responsible for the fatigue and the permanent yellow tint to the skin and the whitening of and in the eyes.

The blood flow blockage

Sickle cells that block blood flow to organs deprive the affected organs of blood and oxygen. Lack of oxygen-rich blood damage nerves and organs, including kidneys, liver and spleen, to their expiration.

sickle cell anemia natural treatment

Blood blockage through the veins, cause pain to develop at the chest, abdomen and joints but also in the bones. The pain sparks into crises of different intensities depending on the patient. It also leads to swelling of the hands and feet when they don’t receive enough or any blood. When it comes to lungs, it can lead to severe respiratory problems and shortness of breath. Sickle cells can also block blood flow to the brain causing strokes, cause strokes, severe headache or partial paralysis. Finally, it also damages the eye retina and lead to vision problems.

The Natural treatment for sickle cell anemia.

This treatment for sickle cell anemia is the definitive one. It helps you recover production of normal red blood cells. It restores their normal shape and removes the main cause of complications from sickle cell disease.

sickle cell anemia natural treatment

The plants composing the treatment, act on the formation of red blood cells, by restoring the production of good quality hemoglobin. Organs get their normal supply along with oxygen and blood. With this treatment, you carry no more sickle cells. Hence, the importance of the treatment:

  • Relieves and permanently reduces the crises
  • Cures the anemia
  • Gives the misshapen red blood cells their normal shape
  • Reestablish normal flow of oxygen

This is a one time natural treatment to help sickle cell anemia patients live like any other person. All their life long. Help yourself and get to know more about it HERE.

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