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Therapy 09: Endometriosis Natural Remedy


This natural treatment contains tannins, alkaloids, herbal teas made of active principles and substances that prevent endometrial cells from sticking to the tubes and the ovaries. Thus, the treatment prevents stagnancy of endometrial fragments expelled from the uterus. These fragments are the main causes of pain when endometriosis strikes. Get this natural therapy to end endometriosis once and for all.

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Therapy 9 : Natural Remedy For Endometriosis

Before we present the endometriosis natural therapy, let’s learn about the disease first, its symptoms, and how the therapy acts on its effects .


Endometrium (as shown below) is the tissue that lines the uterus under the influence of hormones (estrogens) during monthly cycles. When a woman ends her cycle, the endometrium, which formed earlier to accommodate a fertilized egg, evacuates its densely vascular surface through bleedings, hence creating menses.

Endometriosis natural remedy

After menses, cells from the endometrium go back up the tubes, into the abdomen. Then, the immune system takes the lead since it’s organized to get rid of cells not at their proper place. However, 10% of women still bear endometrial tissue that developped outside the uterus. The tissue graft organs and cause wounds, ovarian cysts, endometriomas, etc. and “Endometriosis”. Since its symptoms resemble many uterine diseases symptoms, women suffer from it unknowingly. Actually, doctors rarely think of Endometriosis when patients present menses and back pain. Therefore it’s hard to diagnose. As for those who diagnosed, there is not much treatment able to overcome the disease.


Endometriosis natural remedy: SYMPTOMS OF ENDOMETRIOSIS

Endometriosis is often accompanied with chronic back pain, pelvic pain and dysmenorrhea (painful periods), which are due to inflammation of the abdominal area. Main medical treatments simply show their limits and leave patients with pain that end up getting worse. For example in a case of dysmenorrhea due to endometriosis (painful periods ), first line treatments as paracetamol/ibuprofen do not ease the pain. It discomforts when the pain leads to partial or total incapacity. Kind of cases can last up to a few days for the most severe that require the use of sedatives.

Overall the main symptoms of Endometriosis are: painful periods (dysmenorrhea), pain during intercourse (dyspareunia), frequent pelvic pain, painful defecation, difficulty urinating (dysuria), back pain, abdominal pain (umbilical …), pelvic or lumbar pain that can radiate into the leg (cruralgia), …

It is therefore understandable that patients suffering from pelvic pain since their first menses get diagnosed endometriosis an average of seven years later. It manifests itself more acutely when ovulation or menses occur. Endometriosis makes it hard to live a normal life. Sometimes it renders unable to make physical efforts, whether lifting a shopping bag or simply standing; to the point one simply dreads the moment to escape the pain.

Therapy 9: Natural remedy for Endometriosis

Endometriosis natural remedy

This is the therapy to rid your womb of such a terrible disease. What AFRIKAPURE offers is a powerful remedy for endometriosis. . The plants do not prevent the production of hormones. They rather prevent inflammation due to stagnancy of endometrial fragments expelled from the uterus. These endometrial fragments are the main causes of pain. We offer you a definite advantage with this remedy that gets rid of endometriosis for good.

Order this therapy and free yourself of endometriosis.

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