Therapy 20: Natural treatment for genital herpes


It is a natural treatment made with plants. The internal action of the plants helps the organism get rid of its impurities and react against the recurrent affection in depth. At this level we also have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ointment, tocalms the pain and activates the disappearance of the unsightly buttons. It is also a treatment for skin and mucous membrane diseases.

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The first stage of genital herpes infection is of viral origin with a particular tropism for the peripheral nervous system and the skin. The second stage of information determines the appearance of vesicles gathered in small clusters. Recurrent herpes activates by a general infection, fatigue, stress, sun exposure, menstruation, certain foods and medications.

However, Herpes simplex is caused by the HSV virus (Herpes simplex virus) of which there are two stereotypes: HSV 1, responsible for herpes labialis and HSV 2 which induces genital and neonatal herpes. It is a sexually transmitted infection.



The proposed natural treatment consists of a mixture of plants. These plants have antibiotic active principles. These herbal preparations can cure the genital herpes infection permanently. Thus, during the chronic phase when the infection suffers proper treatment, colorless vesicles appear at the level of the genitals or the back. In men, it is a large sore that attacks the penis, making penetration impossible. In this case, no more sexual relations, but thanks to the bIio-remedy, the wound will be able to heal in 72 hours.

The internal action of the plants helps the body to get rid of its impurities and to react against this recurrent affection. At this level, we also have an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ointment. It calms the pain and activates the disappearance of the unsightly buttons. It is also a treatment for skin and mucous membrane diseases. Made from herbs and shea butter it also prevents chicken pox, shingles, lupus and other skin rashes.




An outbreak of herpes in the delivery room, a primary infection during the last month of pregnancy, or an asymptomatic viral shedding in a woman with a history of herpes can all contaminate the baby.


The relationship between HIV/AIDS and genital herpes is very minimal. In fact, when you have the A.I.D.S virus you are prone to opportunistic diseases. Opportunistic diseases include: hepatitis B, tuberculosis, genital herpes. This makes you vulnerable.

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