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Therapy 22: Hepatitis B and C (Liver Infection)


Hepatitis refers to any acute or chronic inflammation of the liver. The most known causes are viral liver infections and alcoholism. Our herbal product helps your body build up its defenses against the virus. The therapy is plant based and without side effects. It directly attacks the virus, inhibits its multiplication and destroys it totally. At the end of your treatment, the viral infection is suppressed and you regain proper function of your liver. Trust this natural treatment as the secret to cure hepatitis B and C with plants. Order it now to definitely end hepatitis.




Still for the purpose of fighting viruses, we present a natural therapy to effectively counter hepatitis B and C. A natural treatment to fight hepatitis, an infection, an inflammation of the liver.


What is hepatitis ?

Hepatitis is any acute or chronic inflammation of the liver. The most known causes are viral infections of the liver and alcoholism. However, medications on an immune system disorder can also cause hepatitis.

Viral hepatitis is named by letters of the alphabet. Among them, the most common are viral hepatitis C, then B, A, D and finally hepatitis E. The B and C viruses cause hepatitis that sometimes heals spontaneously in the acute phase, but can become chronic. Hepatitis A heals spontaneously after causing severe fatigue, and never becomes chronic.


Hepatitis A and E or HAV and HEV

These are viruses present in the feaces of infected people. A person is contaminated by mouth, in contact with unclean water or soiled food. These two hepatitis are therefore particularly frequent in areas where hygiene, sewage disposal or disinfection practices are poor. In our countries, the main risk lies in the sexual practice of anilingus, the mouth-anus contact which can expose one to HAV and HEV. After an acute, very tiring phase, the body eliminates the virus. Hepatitis A or E never becomes chronic. They simply tend to be severe in rare cases.


Hepatitis B or HBV

Hepatitis B transmits by the practice of unprotected sexual intercourse (penetration, fellatio, cunnilingus) or by sharing objects previously in contact with infected people. You can contract it by sharing injection equipment or, by snorting, piercing, bruises or cuts, scarification, toothbrush, etc. Contamination through saliva, during kissing, seems possible, but less frequent. In addition, a pregnant woman with chronic hepatitis B can transmit it to her baby during pregnancy.


Hepatitis C or HCV

HCV transmits through blood. It transmits mainly among drug users through sharing an injection equipment, more frequently, through piercing, sniffing or shaving equipment. Until the 1990s, there were many contaminations by blood transfusion. This is no longer the case in countries where precautions (single-use tools or disinfection) concerning medical equipment have been improved.

These are the most important cases of hepatitis. The disease in general, principally aims at the liver. When you diagnose hepatitis, it becomes necessary to quickly target its action. This natural treatment offers such efficient way to effectively treat hepatitis B and C.


The symptoms

Once infected, there are usually no symptoms and most people usually manage to eliminate the infection spontaneously. However, it doesn’t make them immune to reinfection of Hepatitis C. Unlike hepatitis B, HCV becomes chronic in 80% of cases. The virus remains in the body and multiplies in the liver. After several years, it can cause significant damage (risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer).

There are treatments that can cure hepatitis C. Since 2015 and the arrival of new treatments (direct-acting antivirals or DAAs), the duration of treatment has been reduced to 3 or 6 months depending on the case, with very high cure rates, over 95% and with fewer side effects than previous treatments such as interferon, which were difficult to tolerate.

Our product is a natural alternative, much more effective than the usual drugs prescribed to fight hepatitis. These drugs do not completely eliminate the virus. They treat the symptoms of the disease, without destroying the virus. In addition to being unneffective, these antiviral drugs can have side effects such as: anemia, insomnia, suicidal urges, irritability, impaired lung function, pancreatic diabetes etc. ….

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Our solution to fight hepatitis

Our natural treatment is different. The herbs it contains directly attack the virus, and inhibit its multiplication to destroy it totally. At the end of your treatment, the virus is gone for good and you will be completely cured. Many patients have trusted us. The natural traditional treatment is the secret to cure hepatitis B and C with plants.

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