Natural remedies Azoospermia: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment With Clove

Azoospermia: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment With Clove

azoospermia natural clove treatment


The pride of a man lies in his ability to procreate. Sperm disorders such as azoospermia can occur to disrupt the reproductive process. Faced with this, we propose a natural treatment based on clove to overcome azoospermia.

Azoospermia natural treatment

Reproduction does not only involve the woman. It requires both man and woman to occur. Both must complement each other to give birth. The human organism is made to produce gametes that will be used in reproduction at a certain age.

azoospermia natural clove treatment
Azoospermia Happy Ending

Following this problem in a man’s life, we may find out his reproductive functions (gametes and others) lose their quality and causing depression to some. Being in the world and not being able to procreate is hard to accept. However, this is the sad reality of sperm disorders. Including azoospermia. That is why we offer this azoospermia natural clove treatment.

What is azoospermia ?

Azoospermia is ¨no sperm count¨ . It characterizes total absence of semen in the sperm. It thus prevents fertilization. This very dangerous phenomenon’ cause either an obstruction in the male reproductive system or an insufficient sperm production.

azoospermia natural clove treatment

Azoospermia is an asymptomatic disease in most cases, apart from infertility and retrograde ejaculation. In a word, it causes a serious sexual disorder, and this in the reproductive organ. This pathology causes enough damage in the life cycle of a man leading to sterility in the latter age. Azoospermia, is a condition the natural clove treatment fixes adequately.


How to detect azoospermia ?

Detecting azoospermia is very difficult to achieve to the naked eye. To find out if you have this condition, you need to have a fertility test. To do this, you must undergo a semen analysis or sperm count test. Semen analysis, is a medical requirement where the various characteristics of sperm are analyzed. You have azoospermia if the examination reveals a complete absence of sperm in your semen.

As mentioned above, azoospermia has no symptoms in most cases. You may have difficulty getting your partner pregnant. This is one of the reasons why it is important to perform necessary tests to determine the problem and to consider a treatment.

azoospermia natural clove treatment
Semen Analysis

You might find in your diagnostics, that you are indeed suffering from azoospermia. A that point you can use our recipe detailed below. Prepared on the basis of cloves, this natural solution is frighteningly effective against azoospermia.

Now, here is the azoospermia natural clove treatment we propose, to effectively treat total absence of sperm.


  • 6 4-sided fruits
  • 1 glass of clove powder
  • 1 glass of African long pepper
  • Nutmeg of Gabon
  • 4 liters of water


  • Make an infusion of all these ingredients
  • Let it ferment for 24 hours
  • Drink 1 glass a day for 1 month

Our team at AFRIKAPURE wishes you “Good Healing”.

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