Big or long penis: here’s what women love


It is common to believe that the size of the penis is an important factor in satisfying a woman during sexual intercourse. But is this really true? Opinions differ on this, with some saying length is paramount while others believe width is more important. Big or long penis: here’s what women love

Big or long penis: here's what women love

What counts for her to have a good enjoyment time

It is important to point out that not all women consider penis size to be the main criterion for their sexual satisfaction. Indeed, for the majority of women, the importance is placed on the way the partner uses his sex to provide pleasure. It is therefore essential to understand that the quality of the sexual relationship depends largely on the complicity between the partners and on communication. Thus, it is important to focus on each other’s preferences and take them into account to achieve mutual satisfaction.

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Big or long penis: here's what women love

It is true that some women may have preferences regarding the size of their partner’s penis. However, these preferences vary from a woman to another and are not necessarily related to sexual satisfaction. You can have a good penis but if you are not enduring in bed or unable to last long she will consider you as a worthless man !!! So want to boost your sexual performance and become a fucking god? Opt for LIBIDOZINE. Big or long penis: here’s what women love

Big or long penis: here’s what women love

For some women, the width of the penis is more important than the length, as it can provide more filling sensation. Other women prefer longer penises because they can reach certain erogenous zones more easily. It is also important to point out that penis size is not related to a man’s virility or sexual performance. Self-confidence and communication between partners are key elements for a satisfying sexual experience.

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