Can bitter leaves cure hepatitis B

Can bitter leaves cure hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is one of the most important global health issues. So far,vaccination only, helps in constricting the disease. Many people worldwide ( around 240 million) are HBV infected. As a result, chronic infection, liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) are main causes of complications and mortality rates. Can bitter leaves cure hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is among viral diseases whose treatment using herbal medicines is currently of great interest. In fact, effective chemical drugs are limited and present numerous side effects. That’s why leaves and herbs are being investigated. There are several plants that compete for the treatment of viral diseases, including hepatitis B. In fact, Bitter leaves happen to be one of those, and has gone through our scrutiny. Therefore can bitter leaves cure hepatitis B ?

Can bitter leaves cure hepatitis B: researches and analysis

Medicinal plants counteract viruses by various mechanisms. Some of them like Ganoderma lucidum and Oenanthe Javanica inhibit the transcription of hepatitis B virus in hepatocytes. Like bitter leaves, most of their action mechanism exert an antiviral effect by inhibiting the transcription of HBV in hepatocytes.

Can bitter leaves cure hepatitis B : the liver action

The liver is a vital organ of the body and its largest gland. It plays a major role in many physiological processes of the body, including metabolism, secretion and storage. Detoxification of various drugs is performed in the liver. Bile secretion is another task of the liver that plays a very important role in digestion. Chemicals such as antibiotics, chlorinated hydrocarbons, but also food, alcohol, infections, parasites, viruses, and autoimmune disorders cause liver diseases.

Approximately 90% of hepatitis is of viral type, including hepatitis B. Hepatitis B often causes chronic liver disease and cirrhosis of the liver(a digestive disorder that is the result of liver fibrosis). Hepatitis B virus or HBV is a virus from the Hepadnaviridae family. HBV is the cause of hepatitis B, and transmits through infected blood and fluids of the body. Although acute hepatitis is spontaneously healed, treatment for chronic cases is recommended because of the likelihood of cirrhosis of the liver.

Chemical drugs and herbals drugs : the comparison

A comparison of the use of chemical and herbal drugs shows that chemical drugs, while having good effects, have side effects some of which last until the end of life, and even in some cases, transmit to the next generation. While the side effects of herbal drugs are comparatively lower, in many cases they lead to very few or no complications. This is where bitter leaves and other natural elements intervene in the cure against hepatitis B. In the past decade, due to the problems that chemical drugs caused to many people, the tendency to use and pay attention to plant-derived medicinal products has increased. Another important issue is that for certain diseases, herbal remedies have better effects, and for some others, only herbal remedies are actually available.

So far, the only drugs used to treat chronic infections are antivirals such as Lamivudine, interferon α, etc…. Most of these reverse the virus activity but present high toxicity. Plus, resistant mutants during long-term treatments emerge .Therefore, it’s necessary to replace these medications with high-value ones with comparatively lower toxicity. Bitter leaves are traditionally used for their antiviral properties. Plus they present potent antioxidant properties, vitamins (A, C, E and K), carotenoids, minerals and a lot of enzymes.

Antioxidants treat diseases by protecting cells against free radical-induced damage. Medicinal plants that treat hepatitis have antiviral properties against the HBV virus. For example bitter leaf inhibits the production of the constituents of HBV and inhibits transcription of HBV.


Due to the diversity of liver diseases, accurate diagnosis is very difficult and physicians therefore cannot perform exact and effective treatment of the disease. In most cases, treatment is symptomatic and supportive. On the other hand, current and modern drugs have high toxicity and it is therefore necessary to replace these medications with high-value drugs with comparatively lower toxicity.

Medicinal plants can contribute to the treatment of nontoxic liver disease such as hepatitis B and researches put forth bitter leaf in the treatment of viral diseases, especially hepatitis B.

Plus studies show the antiviral activity of hepatitis fighting plants such as bitter leaf leads to an increase in proteins responsible of proper transcription of hepatitis B viral gene: gene 49. That means plants such as bitter leaf properly inhibits HBV transcription and ensure proper antiviral activity against HBV 50.

The Cure For Hepatitis Method

The Cure For Hepatitis B With Bitter leaf (Vernonia amygdalina)

can bitter leaves cure hepatitis b
Vernonia Amygdalina (Bitter leaf) – a member of the Asteraceae family – a small shrub that grows in tropical Africa

A cure for Hepatitis with extracts from bitter leaf (Vernonia amygdalina). This method offers cure and protection against Hepatitis B. It is a pure fact that herbal medicine can succeed where modern one has failed in the treatment of both communicable and non-communicable diseases. This is also the case with this ready to use treatment to cure hepatitis B, entirely out of antiviral plants with targeted and effective action against HBV 50 virus.

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How To Extract Bitter Leaf ( Vernonia amygdalina )

You need to get fresh bitter leaf ( Vernonia amygdalina ) and squeeze about 40 bitter leaves into 1 or 2 liters of water. Squeeze the leaf till the water turns dark, then filter the extract and drink one glassful three times daily for two to three months. always repeat this process each time the extracted bitter leaf water finish.With these herbs working for you, you can permanently say goodbye to Hepatitis B. Just Apply them and keep to healthy nutrition lifestyle, eat fruit and vegetables daily.


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