Natural remedies Castor Seed: Natural Birth Control Pill

Castor Seed: Natural Birth Control Pill

castor seed natural birth control pill


Are you sick of taking birth control pills every time? Here is a solution for you; Castor seed: a powerful natural birth control pill.

You are young and you are not yet ready to bear the burden of a child. However, you are tired of having to use the morning-after pill every time! Ladies, don’t panic, there is a natural method to avoid getting pregnant for a year.

Castor seed : How Does It Help Natural Birth Control ?

Castor oil is undoubtedly a powerful natural contraceptive. Contrary to other modern methods, this one is not only natural, but also has no disadvantages on health. With this seed, you can have sex every day without a condom and not get pregnant. Castor seed is a natural birth control pill.

Look for the dried fruits of Ricinus Communis (commonly known as castor fruits). In one fruit, you will find three seeds. For a one-year contraceptive, you only need to swallow one and only one seed with water.

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NB: Be careful not to ingest more than one castor seed. Its contraception is quite powerful and it is difficult, nearly impossible to cancel its effect in time. The castor seed is so far the most powerful natural birth control pill.

Castor seed: what is it ?

Castor (Ricinus communis, only species of the genus Ricinus) is a shrub of tropical origin and belonging to the family Euphorbiaceae. It is the source of castor oil, which has various applications. It is frequently used for ornamental purposes.

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Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid which alters the intestinal mucosa and causes significant loss of water and mineral salts, hence its intense purgative and irritative action. Nevertheless, the ricin present in the plant and the seeds is a formidable toxin to be consumed, but with moderation.

Castor oil is also perfectly suited for rapid hair growth. It protects the scalp and fights against baldness and alopecia. Castor oil, is nonetheless a powerful birth control pill and is also effective for skin care treatment.

NB: Since each organism is unique, this natural method of contraception may work for some as it may not be the case for others. For that purpose, ARIKAPURE declines any responsibility in the event of consequences related to overdosage or mismedication. Therefore, know a pregnancy can occur in spite of the seed treatment, it is a question of organization and proper planning.

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