Fenugreek oil to enlarge the penis

fenugreek oil


In Africa, there are several plants which help to naturally increase the size of the penis. Today we recommend the fenugreek oil to enlarge the penis. With this mixture you get the thickness you wish for, without side effects. Here is the fenugreek oil for men, an oil to enlarge the penis.

fenugreek oil

Is it really possible to enlarge your penis ?

In reality, penis is made up of tiny cells that fill with blood within seconds during an erection. However, it is surrounded with a non-stretchable envelope, which swells and straightens when it fills. Thus, during penetration, the foreskin unblocks. As a result, the urinary orifice allows exit of sperm which increases in volume.

fenugreek oil to enlarge penis

In the absence of excitement, blood flow to the penis is limited to keep the penis at rest. So remember that sexual control starts in the brain, which sends stimulation messages to the arteries that feed the corpora cavernosa. We give you the protocol of the fenugreek oil, which is an oil to enlarge the penis.

Fenugreek oil benefits (for men)

Known as a curry spice, fenugreek is a plant used to treat sexual dysfunction. In addition, its seeds are used in the production of milk in breastfeeding women and to protect the liver.

Elsewhere, it has a hypoglycemic function, which means that it helps lower blood sugar levels to balance the supply of sugar in the blood. Finally, it stimulates and improves sexual performance by increasing hormone levels. In this post we show how to use fenugreek oil to enlarge the penis.

Using fenugreek oil is one of the many herbal remedies to enlarge your genital. Instead of fenugreek, you could also use for example bitter cola, garlic or even honey. If you suffer specific conditions that keep you from enjoying during sexual intercourse, call us at +22990411609. You can also click the button below to order our special ointment made with fenugreek to fastly enlarge your penis .

Fenugreek oil to enlarge the penis

Fenugreek oil for men is a powerful oil. If you follow the protocol of use, you will be able to get great results. Here are the ingredients you need:

Ingredients :

  • Fenugreek seed
  • Fenugreek oil
  • Biter cola
  • Gouro root (Ginseng root)


  • Crush the ginseng root, the bitter cola and fenugreek seeds together to equal volume.
  • Then mix the resulting powder with the fenugreek oil, in proportions of 1 volume of powder to 2 volumes of oil and stir well with a spatula.
  • Let the mixture rest under the sun for 1 hour and keep it in a cool place.

How to use:

Massage the penis with the ointment morning and evening for 3 months.

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