Natural remedies Decide When To Get Pregnant

Decide When To Get Pregnant

get pregnant When Is The Proper Moment


You wish to know when to get pregnant? Do you know when to avoid getting pregnant ? How do you make such decisions without being wrong? Through this article, discover two simple techniques to accurately determine your chances of getting pregnant.

The Fertile period

The fertile period is the margin time or moment a woman is able to get pregnant. Indeed, that period lasts approximately 6 days during the menstrual cycle . It spreads from 5 days before ovulation to the day of ovulation itself. Unlike men, women ovulate once a month at the end of their follicular phase. During that phase of each ovulation cycle, she only has 20% chance to trigger a pregnancy.

However, age is an important factor to consider. Indeed, from age 35, the ability to procreate decreases because of the amount and quality of eggs available. This simply impacts chances of getting pregnant during the fertile period.

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Your Fertile period: Get it right to get pregnant or not

To be aware of your fertile period, it is important to know the number of days in your menstrual cycle. In most cases, a cycle lasts 28 regular days, while in others, it’s simply not precise (irregular).

1- The calendar method

  • Case of regular cycles

A cycle is regular when it takes place during the same amount of days every time. In that case, you determine your fertile period by removing 14 days from the cycle length. Therefore, in a regular cycle of 28 days for example, you are left with 28 – 14 = 14. Thus, your ovulation happens roughly the 14th day from the beginning of your menses.

  • Case of irregular cycles

These are cycles with a variable length and significant changes with the appearance of menses. In these cases, you need to observe the cycles over a period of 07 to 08 months in order to determine the longest and the shortest cycle. Then, subtract 18 days from the shortest cycle and 11 from the longest. Both values determine the interval of your fertility period.

For example, you observe your irregular cycle over 07 months. Then you end up with the longest cycle being 35 days and the shortest being 26 days. With proper calculations you get 35 – 11 = 24 and 28 – 18 which gives 10 days. Thus, your fertile period occurs between the 10th and the 24th day each month.

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2- The temperature method

This method consists in taking your body temperature every morning before getting out of bed for a 3 months period. The check is performed by the rectum or the vagina for 3 minutes or orally for 5 minutes.

Your ovulation day coincides to the sudden and unusual rise in your body temperature. It accompanies discomforts such as lower abdominal pain, skin itchiness and or unexpected libido.

To get pregnant: Boost your ovulation.

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