Natural remedies How To Be Back Virgin With Lemon

How To Be Back Virgin With Lemon

get virgin back with lemon


Lemon juice has extraordinary properties not only on the body, but also on the reproductive organ. Indeed, it cleans, thoroughly the vagina. But that’s not all, it also plays other spectacular roles. How to be back virgin with lemon? Discover in the following article the wonders of lemon for your vagina.

Sexuality, an important asset in a couple

Sex is a powerful weapon of seduction for women. No matter how your partner behaves with you, in bed, you have the last word. Sex is therefore an asset for a woman who wants to keep her man warm and all for herself.

get virgin back with lemon

For this, you must know that sexuality occupies a very important place in the development of the couple. Knowing that, you (as a woman) must be on the lookout for the little tricks that will always make you fresh in bed and bring Mr, to not resist you anymore.

Virginity: A seduction asset

Ladies, you should know that a tight, moistened vagina, which gives off a freshness and a good smell will seduce your man more than usual. This is how you will give him the appetite to want you at every moment. How to get back virgin with lemon ?

No matter how many pregnancies and child births , your man will feel like he is with you for the first time. All these details add spice to your sexual routine. How to get back virgin with lemon ? The tip we present in this content based on lemon will allow you to tighten your vagina without any risk.

The vagina will become intact again as if you have never known a man. In general, men love it when there is resistance during penetration, because it increases the pleasure and the orgasm. On top of that, you will give off a good and irresistible smell that will keep your partner seduced.

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The extraordinary role of lemon in the vagina

Apart from its many uses in everyday life, lemon has incredible effects on the productive organ. If you are used to taking lemon juice to lose weight or to get rid of bad body odor, you should know that the use of lemon is not limited only to that.

Lemon is considered a powerful natural antibacterial. Its antibacterial properties will fight against the bacteria responsible for bad vaginal odor. Also, this fruit contains miraculous properties to shrink the vaginal membrane. This will allow you to feel like a virgin again without much effort.

Testimony of a queen in the Ivory Coast on the use of lemon for the vagina: “At home, we use lemon with warm water to wash the inside of the vagina. This helps to shrink the vaginal membrane and to keep our husbands in the plate”. How to use lemon to be back virgin can stay a worldwide experience and culture.

Sure, the wash may hurt a little in the first few moments, but the pain is temporary. When you do the washing, you can’t even put a finger in the vagina because it’s so tight. It’s like you’re still a virgin. Honestly, men love it when the vagina is tight and cool like a virgin’s.

How to be back virgin with lemon ?

The best way to use lemon juice for your vagina is to mix it with warm water. Then, inject this mixture into the vagina to clean it thoroughly. It’s best to do this an hour before sex.

This is an appetizer that will spice up your sex life forever. This little trick will keep you clean and tight. You will feel like a virgin again. You can also put a little lemon juice on your panty liner, it improves the process by completely disinfecting the vagina on the go.

But be careful, this trick is to be done once in a while. Indeed, during the first attempts, you will have already found satisfaction. So, ladies, don’t abuse it and make it a habit. This could increase the risk of damaging the vaginal flora.