Natural remedies Gongoli, the plant to boost female orgasm

Gongoli, the plant to boost female orgasm

plant to boost female orgasm


Today we want to put women first. Their needs and desires are not to be neglected as they do the most for us. Your wife does not like any more that you touch her in the evening, in lack of inspiration? First and foremost this plant will revive your sexual frolics. Gongoli, boosts female orgasm as it stimulates desire, reduces frigidity and remedy to vaginal dryness. Try Gongoli as a plant to boost female orgasm.

plant to boost female orgasm

What is the Gongoli ?

Gongoli remains one of the least known aphrodisiac plant in the world and the most used in Africa. If you want to get this plant or know more about it, visit our online store or click the box below. You will get a hint as why to use it as a plant to boost female orgasm.

Also known as Vetiver, Gongoli is an herbaceous plant of the Poaceae family (grasses) and native to India. It is a species with fragrant roots and very present in tropical areas. This species is more often used in industries to extract the aromatic oil provided by its roots.


As Gongoli helps for female orgasm, differents plants help achieve similar results for men. This is the case with plants such as Gouro Roots or Bitter cola. If your man needs help achieving strenght and confidence, this therapy can help. It is a natural treatment composed mainly of Gouro roots hence its powerful natural aphrodisiac title. However, for any specific issue related to men sexual impairments, reach a specialist for further inquiries. We are one call away at +22990411609 and a click by the button below.

The benefits of Gongoli

Gongoli has extraordinary benefits. First of all, it cleans the impurities of the belly and purifies the body of the woman. It is a magical plant that lubricates and makes the vagina smell good naturally. It also prevents urinary tract infections, alleviates pain caused by menstruation and postpartum. Gongoli is an excellent herb that helps women boost their libido and prevents vaginal dryness. Therefore its use as a plant to boost female orgasm.

Regularly taking an infusion of Gongoli helps to avoid early menopause and to regulate menstruation. Gongoli, the plant to boost female orgasm.

Vetiver or Gongoli, a natural lubricant

For the most informed, Gongoli is a natural lubricant, the best man keeper there is. It will certainly make you a queen in bed. Combined with other aphrodisiacs, Gongoli allows to satisfy a man like never before, it makes your vagina tender and irresistible. As it’s use is most appreciated, this plant is accessible to everyone.

In summary:

  • Gongoli cleanses the woman deeply
  • It allows the woman to give off a very good body odor and especially vaginal
  • Gongoli is a natural lubricant
  • It boosts the female orgasm and stimulates the sexual desire
  • Gongoli alleviates painful periods
  • It is a plant to boost female orgasm

How To use Gongoli plant to boost female orgasm

To implement this recipe at home, you will need:

  • Gongoli plants
  • Ginger
  • Lemon & Mint


Boil these 4 ingredients for 15 minutes. The recipe can be used warm or cold.

For warm drinking: Let cool after brewing and keep in a bottle. Consume this infusion as you hydrate for the period of the treatment. Remember to drink it most often before going to bed. You can also use the solution for intimate cleansing or as a steam.

For fresh drinking: Wash the roots and put them in a bottle filled with water and drink the resulting mixture.