Natural remedies Here is how I was able to conceive with the 4-sided fruit

Here is how I was able to conceive with the 4-sided fruit

4 sided fruit


After so many years in a childless relationship, I just gave birth to my first baby. But how was i able to get pregnant ? Read this content to know how I was able to conceive with the 4-sided fruit. But first, let’s get to the bottom of the virtues of this plant.

4 sided fruit

Coming from the Tetrapleura Tetraptera tree, the 4-sided fruit is used for the treatment of many diseases. In Africa, this fruit is particularly used to treat fertility problems in women. It is an excellent aphrodisiac, but also works in the treatment of diseases such as high blood pressure, back pain, asthma, cysts, fibroids, diabetes. Thanks to its exceptional perfume, it helps to fight against vaginal itching and bad genital odor.

Conceive with the 4-sided fruit: A testimony

Here is a woman’s testimony about the 4-sided fruit:

I am 35 years old and I am in a 7 years relationship with my husband. When we decided to have a child, we came to understand very quickly that I had a conception problem. After years of trying, my husband and I booked an appointment to see a specialist. When the diagnostic came, i was had fibroids and this made my life as a couple very difficult almost unbearable.

conceive with 4 sided fruit

During 3 years, i had 2 miscarriages. I was disappointed, and desperate because science had spoken. From that moment on, I needed to understand what could be at the origin of my ailments. In my research, I came across, a website that works wonders with plants. It was the beginning of my happiness, a bundle of luck


After the exchanges, we ordered therapy 10: Cysts, fibroids and myomas remedy. This treatment is composed of natural plants including the 4-sided fruit that promotes the total elimination of fibroids. It also helps to deeply cleanse the uterus of all possible infections. Thanks to this therapy, I recovered my fertility and I was able to conceive. Here, is my recommendation to conceive with the 4-sided fruit.

However, a problem was about to arise. My husband and I were living in Canada and we were wondering how we could receive the treatments from Benin. Fortunately, they reassured us that we could receive the treatments by DHL, TOP CHRONO or the POSTE.

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