Here is the natural remedy you must use for impotence


Sexual impotence or sexual disorder is a blockage for a fulfilling sex life. Many men suffer from it but few dare to let it be known because of the taboo character that this subject takes in our society. However, it is a disease that is rampant and creates divisions in couples. Here is the natural remedy you must use for impotence.

natural remedy for impotence

Sexual impotence and masculinity

Learning that one is impotent is a very strong narcissistic wound for a man. It is especially his virility that takes a hit, because for many men, to be impotent is to lose his masculinity. And it’s not always easy. In this respect, it is enough to listen to men to feel their dismay, they feel humiliated, more complete… Sometimes they even no longer have the impression of being real men.

Mourning your manhood is not easy. At the center of male concerns, it is not only their virility that is abused. They also feel guilty for depriving their partner of sexual pleasure, which is very often painful, even painful, for the woman.
Men’s confidence is shaken, they feel a sense of shame. They dare not talk about it, the taboo of male impotence is unfortunately still very present.

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The causes of sexual impotence

Sexual impotence refers to a lasting decrease in the quality of erections. It is the inability to obtain or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse. Its causes are numerous among others, we have:

  • Diabetes is one of the first organic causes of erectile dysfunction. One in three diabetic patients is subject to erectile dysfunction in the 20 to 60 age group. Diabetes causes damage to nerves and blood vessels. This can cause a tingling sensation in the penis, a loss of sensation or even pain. As you age, the risk of erectile dysfunction increases in men with diabetes.
  • The prostate is an organ located immediately below the bladder and the size of a walnut. It is essential for the production of the liquid which makes sperm possible. If the prostate is not directly involved in the mechanism of erection, it is involved in the mechanism of ejaculation. The urethra runs through the middle of the prostate; which explains urination disorders, prostate cancer. These diseases have an impact on sex life, ranging from minor erection problems to complete impotence.
  • It is also due to taking certain medications. Excessive consumption of alcohol or tobacco or even stress.

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Here is a natural remedy for impotence

Nature has blessed us with therapeutic greenery capable of curing many ailments. This remedy is indeed a result of required ancestral knowledge based on the potency of medicinal plants. Endowed with extraordinary virtues they stimulate your libido and correct your erectile dysfunction.

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