Natural remedies How To Keep HIV Rash Away All The Time

How To Keep HIV Rash Away All The Time

hiv rash on back


If you have HIV and a rash on your back, it’s normal. People with HIV usually experience rashes, at least once in their lifetime. However, due to HIV constant progression and its effects on the immune system, you could experience rash more than once.

HIV rash happens as a response of the immune system to a virus spreading fast. The response creates series of inflammation among which is, a skin inflammation. Skin inflammation is the source of rashes.

HIV rashes

HIV rash, is mostly observed for the first time at the acute phase of the infection ( The first phase ). That is, only a few weeks following contamination. Rashes at this phase, look like small red dots and appear on the upper part of the body. Trunk, face, hands and sometimes feet, are usual targets. That’s why an HIV rash is observed on your back during the first phase. However, the cause of rashes at this point, is strictly the HIV virus showing symptoms.

Later on, the virus expands and takes over the immune system. Then, more rashes appear and also because of other causes. Weak immune conditions therefore lead to infections, allergies, medications, irritation and skin infections, skin inflammation then rashes.

However, causes for the most part,remain infections. As such, viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus are the main triggers of HIV rashes. Level of occurrence and intensity depends on HIV stages and the immune system’s status. As a result of skin inflammation, rashes also need treatment, similarly to a skin condition.

Rash treatment

When rashes related to infection appear, treatment consists in applying topical medication, while properly addressing the reason of the infection. For example, as a bacteria happens to be the source of an infection, you need antibiotics to treat the infection source while using skin medication.

However, as a virus, no medical treatment removes or completely cures HIV effects. Only antivirals keep the viral load to the lowest. When it comes to HIV, for now, that’s as far as you can go. Therefore in effective treatment of HIV rashes, topical medication play an important part. It helps in preventing and curing the rash, even at advanced stages of infection.

For that matter, the use of antiviral or ART therapy, is a must. It prevents progression of the virus and reduces intensity, hence, occurrence of a rash. By doing so, frequent use of appropriate skin medication efficiently prevent and heal HIV skin rashes.

Skin medication

We always recommend the use of therapeutic skin care products to our HIV patients. Even if you expect a rash, you could probably never get one. When you combine antivirals with good skin care, you prevent and get rid of HIV related infections, rashes, effectively.

Our HIV treatment, contains a therapeutic soap made out of Moringa. It is a soap that allows your skin to profit from Moringa health benefits. With daily uses, you rid your skin of irritating and allergenic substances you come in contact with. The soap moisturizes and softens your skin in depth, while giving it all the nutrients contained in Moringa. That’s how you resist skin inflammation along with itchiness, pain, dryness , swelling or redness of rashes. Combined with our formal treatment, it is an ideal way to keep your skin free of rashes.

HIV rash on back

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