Natural remedies How long should foreplay last?

How long should foreplay last?

How long should foreplay last

The sexual act is a succession of stages that goes from preliminaries to penetration. Foreplay is very important as it sets the stage for true pleasure. Foreplay is therefore the path that leads to penetration. In this article, we are going to tell you about how long the preliminaries of a sexual relationship should last.

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Why foreplays?

First the preliminaries play the role of stimulus. They cause the stimulation of the sexual organs. They therefore transmit the message to the brain which prepares the whole body for a moment of enjoyment and pleasure. A moment of good foreplay is enough to make you want to be penetrated or to penetrate your partner and cum inside her. They set the sexual mood and are the introduction to the sexual act.

Sex isn’t just about penetration. If the sexual act itself is a delight for both partners, foreplay is an integral part of coitus. The caresses make it possible to vary the pleasures, to listen to the desires of his/her partner, to increase the excitement and can even be very surprising.

Foreplay and enjoyment

A study carried out by a famous sexologist reveals that if men appreciate foreplay, the majority of them manage to reach orgasm only with penetration. Unlike 61% of women, who explain that without the caresses they will not enjoy. This study therefore emphasizes the importance of foreplay for successful intercourse for both partners. “The most satisfied people in their relationships are those who practice a variety of sexual activities… It’s something very simple that everyone can do and that does not cost money,” concludes the sex therapist.

However, despite successful foreplay, some men cannot hold out for long due to premature ejaculation or sexual weakness. If you are in the case please contact us by clicking on the WhatsApp button below.

How long should foreplay last?

There is no exact duration for foreplay. The duration can vary from one individual to another. For example, it only takes 15 minutes of foreplay for a woman to be completely excited and wet enough to receive a penis deep inside her while another would need more minutes. Nevertheless, we know that on average, women require about twenty minutes of foreplay to feel sexual arousal resulting in sufficient lubrication for comfortable and pleasant penetration. The preliminaries are therefore a privileged moment of sharing and complicity between two beings. So take all your time to do it well before having sex.

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