How To Recover Perfect Egg Release In 14 Days?

How To Recover Perfect Egg Release In 14 Days?

Ovulation has to do with egg release during the monthly cycle. Since birth, ovaries store hundred of thousand of follicles containing eggs ready to mature. Ovaries sit in the small pelvis, on each side of the uterus from which they release their oocytes (eggs) during ovulation.

Understanding ovulation

Ovulation is part of a bigger mechanism which is the menstrual cycle. In a 28 days cycle, ovulation occurs on the 14th day and varies according to physiology and the quality of hormonal production. Since it has to do with egg release, once out, the egg starts its journey down the uterus where it fertilizes a spermatozoon.

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What prevents from ovulating properly ?

Bad ovulation is a response to ovaries malfunction, which also relates to existing malfunctions within the reproductive system. Ovaries dysfunctions usually occur next to troubles such as endometriosis, clogged tubes ,cysts etc… It’s important to treat these first, otherwise it’s difficult to reestablish proper ovulation. However, since they are all benign, help is found through appropriate treatments, among which AFRIKAPURE powerful therapies.

How to notice good ovulation for good egg release

There are several signs to identify as symptoms of good ovulation when it occurs. Among these: body temperature increase, abdominal cramps, vaginal discharge, slight tension in the breasts, increased libido, slight pain in the lower abdomen.
To get ovaries back to work, it’s recommended to clean the womb first of possible obstructions. Then, make sure you restore proper functioning before you stimulate production of eggs. It’s possible to recover from bad ovulation in as much as 14 days, with proper treatment .

happy ovulation !