Natural remedies How To Use Baobab Bark To Grow The Penis

How To Use Baobab Bark To Grow The Penis

baobab tree


For a new born baby to gain weight in West Africa, after he is given a daily bath he is pampered with a decoction of baobab bark. This in general helps the baby gain weight and allows him to grow in record time. The only problem is that you should not wash the baby’s head with the decoction, because as soon as it touches a part of the human body, the latter grows and increases volume. The same applied here is to show you how to use Baobab Bark to grow the penis.

baobab bark to grow penis

So in the same way, if you wash your penis with a decoction of baobab bark, the result will be the same. Would you like to increase your penis in length and width to please your partner ? It is possible with the bark of baobab.

In this content, we present you a simple way to use the baobab bark to make your penis grow.

The Baobab tree: the pharmacist tree

Since antiquity, the baobab tree is famous for its virtues. In traditional African medicine, its present in the preparation of many natural remedies. Indeed, almost all its parts (bark, fruit, roots, leaves, seeds) are edible.

baobab tree

The leaves, the pulp, the bark, the seeds and the roots of baobab, all have exceptional virtues. However, even if multiple plants serve for penis enlargement purposes, today we mainly explore how to use its bark, to grow the penis. Also, for particular issues in growing the penis (Procedure or Recipe), feel free to call +22990411609 or click below.

Baobab benefits

First of all, the leaves of baobab are very rich in micronutrients and trace elements. Similarly, the interest to consume its fruit pulp is based on its high content of Calcium, Vitamin C and Potassium. The baobab is also rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and remains a source of phosphorus, iron and antioxidants. All these nutrients also come into play when using the baobab bark to grow the penis.

At Afrikaherbs, we propose an overall solution from active ingredients of different parts of the tree, such as the bark and the fruit (The pulp). Such composition promotes spontaneous action with results visible from the first use. Using baobab bark to grow the penis bears all the advantages of hygiene and benefits from the presence of many other active ingredients. To learn more about such solution to perform penis growth, click the box below.

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Baobab bark recipe to grow penis


  • Baobab bark
  • Bitter cola
  • Shea butter


  • Crush the baobab bark and the bitter cola into powder.
  • Pour the mix in a box.
  • Add shea butter.
  • Mix for a minute to obtain a good mixture (Homogenous blend).


Apply the ointment on the penis twice a day after showering and massage it by pulling it while holding the base firmly. Discover the technique of massaging the penis for better results. Since you will be massaging your penis, consider combining that recipe with the use of the herbal tea also made of baobab ingredients. Both the tea and the baobab bark recipe will help you even more to grow your penis. For more information about it, call +22990411609 or click below.

Stop using, as soon as you get the desired size.