How to use ginger and clove against impotence?


Ginger is an aphrodisiac widely used for its stimulating properties. Sometimes associated with honey, lemon or cloves, there are many recipes to take advantage of its beneficial effect on sexuality. So how to use ginger and clove against impotence? Keep on reading to find it.

 How to use ginger and clove against impotence

What you need to know about ginger and cloves

Consumed for millennia, ginger delicately flavors the dishes to which it is added. Ginger is a root, or rhizome, from Asia. It has the reputation of being a powerful aphrodisiac. Thanks to the gingerol contained in the root, it has stimulating properties on the body. This helps boost the libido. In addition, it facilitates blood flow to the penis during erection. It also seems that ginger stimulates the adrenal glands which produce testosterone, the main male hormone. This then increases the libido and strengthens the proper functioning of the sexual organs. Additionally, studies have shown beneficial effects on male fertility. Ginger appears to stimulate sperm production when consumed regularly. How to use ginger and clove against impotence?

How to use ginger and clove against impotence

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The clove is the bud of the clove tree, a very common tree in Indonesia, but also found in Africa, Southeast Asia and Madagascar. It is a well-known spice in the cuisines of the world, but it is also an ingredient used in many pharmacopoeias around the world for its many health benefits, such as its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic action, which makes that cloves relieve toothache, or that cloves are used to clean the uterus. This spice is also recognized as a natural aphrodisiac. Clove gives tone and sexual vigor by improving blood circulation. Thus, the spice may have a slight effect on maintaining erection.

Use ginger and clove against impotence? How possible? The virtues of ginger and clove are therefore similar. Combining them can multiply the effects! To do this, you can make an infusion with ginger and cloves to fight impotence.

How to use ginger and clove against impotence?

The infusion is the best way to consume cloves and ginger. Preparing an aphrodisiac herbal tea with cloves and ginger is very easy. It is important to use organic cloves. Also have ginger roots and water. Preferably use cloves and fresh ginger roots. Because, fresh, cloves and ginger roots will retain their properties. In the sense that the powder is not likely to evaporate.

As for the preparation step, heat water and first pour the cloves into the water, then the ginger roots.

For at least half an hour, leave to infuse. Once your herbal tea has infused, use a very fine sieve to be able to extract the maximum.

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With a little honey for a more pleasant sweet taste, you have the option of consuming your herbal tea based on cloves and ginger hot or cold.

Above all, do not exceed one cup of aphrodisiac herbal tea per day. Preferably, take it half an hour before your sexual intercourse. You should know that the overdose in the consumption of cloves can sometimes be really harmful to your health, in particular sometimes causing serious liver problems. So spice specialists advise taking between 3 to 10 cloves a day, depending on the physical constitution of people.

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