Natural remedies Life Scenarios Of How HIV Is Transmitted

Life Scenarios Of How HIV Is Transmitted

how hiv is transmitted


To live with HIV takes courage. It’s a virus you carry all your life, and you treat its infection just as long. It comes with its set of complications that makes existence more delicate and difficult to enjoy. Yet it finds itself in our bodies, through the very ways we spent our lives. Life scenarios of how HIV is transmitted are numerous. That’s why, to be aware limits the risks of contamination in our own routine.

How is HIV transmitted

It is quite impossible not to have physical connections. Our existence depends on social life, and unfortunately, so does HIV. Its primary means of transmission is careless sexual intercourse and sometimes intimate contact with an infected person. In fact, HIV transmits principally through infected blood, infected semen and infected vaginal secretions.
To prevent infection, we essentially need to avoid unsafe contact of our blood or fluids with the mentioned medium. To be explicit, here are instances of day-to-day deeds with their degree of risk, and medium of transmission.

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  • Life Scenarios
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  • Life Scenarios Of How HIV Is Transmitted
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Life with HIV

To keep the virus in check, you need sets of medication for everyday use, all life long. Then, due to its aggressive nature, the virus load surges back quickly when you neglect or abandon medication. Attacks are mainly towards the body’s immune system. But throughout the virus’ life cycle, here are other troubles you can suffer from:

  • Social isolation needed for the phase the virus’ symptoms are at its acutes phases.
  • Permanent risk of contagion.
  • Defect of the immune system and sensitivity to minor infections.
  • Risk of reaching AIDS ( HIV’s peak ) with its numerous consequences.
  • A life long battle with the virus.
  • Various health crises due to HIV gaining ground over the immune system.
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Understanding its transmission is good, yet its important you identify in your own routine, the risks of infection. You can get to know more about the virus and its symptoms. And, if you are already HIV positive, here is an article that can be useful.