Women could cope with small penis and lack of sexual desire from their partner . However , expectations have changed and today most women seek satisfaction and better control from their partner . Thus , its important for men to delay ejaculation . Actually , longer intercourses , better chances to grant orgasms . Today AFRIKAPURE herbalists present a way to achieve this . Better than an aphrodisiac , we give you the perfect way to last longer in bed naturally.

The Story of Gouro

The Gouro tree originates from Africa , precisely from Ivory Coast and Cameroon . The tree is also called “Gouro Root” or African Viagra due to its powerful aphrodisiac properties . It’s 100% natural and has no side effects . In fact it treats effectively sexual impotence and premature ejaculation . It reinforces the effects of therapy N° 2 on the nervous system and improves sexual performance . The male becomes efficient and endures well sexual intercourse . In short , your partner will never leave you for poor sexual performance.

Moreover , Gouro root can be consumed by adults, young adults and even old people since it has no side effects . Where do you find Gouro sticks ? AFRIKAPURE sources the authentic Gouro root . Call us or contact us directly through WhatsApp to get more information .

Samuel’s testimony on the Gouro sticks

Here are Samuel’s words after he used Gouro sticks from AFRIKAPURE :

“With the Gouro toothpick, you can’t help but get close to your wife.” “I chewed the toothpick to suck the juice. It was bitter and slightly spicy . However, I started to feel the effects within an hour . The situation seemed untenable. The erection started and lasted almost all day. An erection accompanied by an irrepressible sexual desire”.

Use gouro roots as a natural way to last longer in bed .


Last longer in bed : Good to know

To cure sexual impotence and premature ejaculation without addressing the issue of penis size is incomplete . One thing is to display performance , and the other to ensure pleasant relations and full enjoyment of your penis functions .

To adress penis size , AFRIKAPURE proposes a particular therapy . This improved and ready to use treatment will help you increase significantly the lenght and girth of your penis , in a record time . Your partner and yourself , will be forever proud of the man you have become .