Natural remedies Ovarian Cyst: A Natural Remedy

Ovarian Cyst: A Natural Remedy

Ovarian cysts a natural remedy


When ovarian cysts appear, make this natural remedy, to flush them out.

Ovarian Cyst: What to know ?

In general, cysts are benign and do not require surgery. In fact, most of the time they grow naturally on ovaries and are labeled functional. However, they can rupture, twist, or grow large enough to cause pain and complications. Their growth is a cause due to inadequate ways to stimulate ovulation, and the consumption of some defective contraceptive pills. Ovarian cysts become a hindrance to fertility when they prevent one from getting pregnant.


A functional cyst, that does not clear off, leads to complications. When the cyst ruptures, the liquid it contains spreads into the peritoneum and causes significant pain and bleeding. When it twists, the cyst turns on itself, rotates the uterine tube and puts pressure on the arteries. This reduces or stops blood flow to the ovaries leading to severe pain and a lack of oxygen. When cysts grow significantly to compress neighboring organs, they create sudden hemorrhage specifically peritoneal hemorrhage. Moreover, in each of the previous cases, infection might occur and forces a caesarean section before a woman gives birth. Actually, during pregnancy, complications from ovarian cysts are more frequent.

At this point, medicinal treatment is necessary. There are available ways to handle cysts yet, very few are without consequences. As natural herbal practitioners, we recommend solutions without side effects. That’s why we are offering a simple way of fast and adequate riddance of cysts.

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Ovarian cysts: a natural remedy

Ingredients: Aloe Vera and pure honey.

Ovarian cysts a natural remedy

To make this recipe, keep the leaves in the fridge for two (2) weeks before use. Then cut them into pieces and squeeze them turning it into a gel. Add an equal amount of honey to the gel. Store the mixture in a cool dry place and begin the treatment by taking a teaspoon every morning on an empty stomach for 45 days.

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