Natural remedies Powerful Clove Remedy To Cure Fibroids And Myomas

Powerful Clove Remedy To Cure Fibroids And Myomas



How to use clove to cure fibroids and myomas ? Discover in this article a powerful clove remedy to cure fibroids and myomas.


Fibroids and myomas: what do we know ?

Fibroids and myomas are tumors resulting from the proliferation of muscle cells from the wall of the uterus. Many women suffer myomas from the age of 25. It becomes imperative to remove them because the pathology is likely to affect fertility in women. Their evolution on the muscle fibers of the uterus causes pain in the lower abdomen, followed by bleeding. While fibroids appear as a ball, myomas grow on the wall of the uterus. However, the following clove remedy is powerful at removing either fibroids or myomas.

clove remedy fibroids myomas

What are the factor cause of fibroids and myomas?

There are several causes of these tumors. On the one hand, they seem to stem from the mutation and rapid growth of several cells that make up the uterine fiber. On the other hand, they may be hereditary or result from an hormonal imbalance between estrogen and progesterone. Poorly treated fibroids can evolve into uterine cancer, and lead directly to hysterectomy. That’s why it is important to quickly act when you discover the presence of fibroids or myomas. When you do so, the powerful clove remedy can help you remove fibroids or myomas very fast.

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Treat fibroids and myomas with this powerful clove remedy

If you are suffering from fibroids or myomas, follow this treatment:


  • Clove
  • 50cl of water
clove infusion

Preparation and use:

  • Make an infusion of clove
  • Take the infusion morning and evening

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