Natural remedies Plant Treatment To Remove Premature Ejaculation

Plant Treatment To Remove Premature Ejaculation



Premature ejaculation is a common sexual dysfunction among men. Nevertheless, here is an effective recipe that you can use as a spontaneous treatment to get prompt results and gradually resolve the problem. It is a simple plant treatment to relieve one from premature ejaculation. And this, you get to quickly make it yourself at home.

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Premature ejaculation

In truth, there is no fixed time to ejaculate after penetration. But, we talk about premature ejaculation if almost 3 minutes after penetration the man ejaculates.


Generally, they are of two kinds: primary and secondary. Psychological state of mind defect like stress and anxiety are usually the main factors.

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With this simlple treatment you will have hard as stick erections for minutes to hours. Similarly the natural treatment process you go through with Afrikapure.

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Premature ejaculation plant for treatment


  • Cloves – Ginseng – Cinnamon stick


Grind each of the ingredients into a powdered form (cloves, ginseng, cinnamon). Add successively a teaspoon of each powder in 100g of organic shea butter. Mix properly with a spatula or wooden spoon to obtain a brown or beige colored paste.

Instructions for use

Apply a pinch of the paste as an ointment, at the tip of the penis. Making a regular massage of the penis an hour before the intercourse (from base to tip).

Note: The ointment increases the length of an intercourse so partners can have greater satisfaction at the price of a light burning sensation.

Good healing!