Natural remedies Reed Leaves To Stop Pregnancy Bleeding

Reed Leaves To Stop Pregnancy Bleeding

pregnancy hemorrhage


Pregnancies can go on with defects. Facing constant pregnancy bleeding lessens the joy of carrying long awaited babies. It’s certainly a troublesome situation. If you notice any spotting, blood clot, and or hemorrhage through pregnancy, find out in this article, how to simply use reed leaves to stop pregnancy bleeding.

Pregnancy aftermath: Are you bleeding?

Pregnancy hemorrhages refer to bleeding as in blood unexpectedly flowing out the vagina. It’s reality is present in less than 5% of pregnancies. It is an obstetrical emergency which means that it puts at risk both the mother and the baby’s life.

pregnancy hemorrhage

However, there are different cases. Nearly half the cases have an endo-uterine origin. The other half originates from causes outside of pregnancy. Placenta previa and retroplacental hematoma (RPH) dominate cases of endometrial hemorrhages. They rapidly endanger not only the mother but also the child.

Non-pregnancy hemorrhages are dominated by cervical bleeding. They are generally moderate and do not represent an immediate danger. Whatever the origin, the occurrence of bleeding during pregnancy requires effective treatment as soon as possible. To help you stop the pregnancy bleeding, Afrikapure offers you this practical recipe. You can also reach a phytotherapist here. Reed Leaves to stop pregnancy bleeding has proven quite effective. To get more information about your issue with your details about your medical state.

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How to use reed leaves to stop pregnancy hemorrhages?

To stop bleeding during pregnancy, use the following recipe with an infusion pot:


  • Oxytenanthera Abyssinia or reed leaves
  • Kaolin

Steep the ingredients in a liter of hot water. Make sure you put the kaolin at the bottom of the pot. Infuse up to 2 hours. Have a shot glass 3 times a day from the first intake until no more bleeding is noticed.

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