Simple Recipe To Treat Unexpected Gonorrhea

gonorrhea treatment


Natural treatment against gonorrhea or hot piss. Simple and easy to make. Two ingredients and it’s done: Orange and Clove. Read this article to know how to treat unexpected gonorrhea naturally with a simple recipe.

Gonorrhea, gonorrhea or gonorrhoea: What is it?

Gonorrhea is an infection due to a gram-negative bacterium (gonococcus or Neisseria gonorrhoeae). It transmits during sexual intercourse. Gonorrhea’s can also be named as gonococcal disease, gonorrhoea or gonorrhea-piss. This infection transmits during all types of sexual intercourse (genital, ano-genital or oral-genital) with an infected person. In addition, transmission from mother to child is possible during childbirth.

To this, we offer a simple recipe to treat unexpected gonorrhea.

gonorrhea treatment

5 days after the contaminating sexual intercourse, the symptoms in the man are in abundant flow of pus at the tip of the penis. And this, with an intense burning sensation when urinating (“hot piss”). However, symptoms may be absent (10% of cases). In women, the disease is quieter and is characterized by small vaginal discharge, urinary tingling, abdominal and lower abdominal pain.

You feel similar symptoms, but it may not be of gonorrhea as it may be a chlamydia trachomatis infection. Here is the therapy to get rid of chlamydia infection.

Hot pee simple recipe treatment


  • Clove (syzygium aromaticum) (atikingbadota in fon)
  • Two oranges

Crush the cloves to make it a fine powder. Squeeze the two oranges in a glass and put a small spoonful of the powder in the orange juice.

Directions for use: Do this and drink it morning and night for two weeks. You can see gonorrhea leave your body. Thanks to cloves, you can say goodbye to gonorrhea.

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