Do you dream of giving your woman the wildest pleasures through direct clitoral stimulation? Here are 4 sexual positions that will give more pleasure to a Woman and even lead her to orgasm.

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The 4 Sexual Positions That Give More Pleasure to a Woman

Certain sexual positions provide more sensations, increase pleasure, and even promote orgasm. Did you know that? But which ones can truly excite your woman? Certainly, there are many, so discover 4 sexual positions that give more pleasure to a woman.

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The Woman-on-Top Position

This position is enjoyable when you want to control penetration. Do you enjoy being in control? Then it’s up to you to lead the dance. Sitting on your partner, you elevate yourself and give yourself time. Likewise, you perform back-and-forth movements, while managing the intensity and rhythm. The 4 Sexual Positions That Give More Pleasure to a Woman.

The 4 Sexual Positions That Give More Pleasure to a Woman
Woman-on-Top Woman-on-Top

Thus, the woman feels empowered, which adds spice and strength to the experience. Furthermore, if you typically assume a submissive position, this will break the routine of your lovemaking. Also, in this position, penetration can be deep yet controlled. That’s why it remains one of women’s favorite positions.

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The Doggy Style Position

Positioned on all fours, resting on your elbows, while your partner kneels behind you. During penetration, they can use their hands to caress your breasts or stimulate your clitoris, enhancing your pleasure. During doggy style, your partner sets the rhythm. This position is favored by men as they are in a dominant role.

 4 Sexual Positions That Give More Pleasure to a Woman
Doggy Style

Doggy Style Obviously, women also enjoy this position because penetration is deep and the sensations are stronger. However, gentlemen should be careful not to be too forceful, as overly deep penetration can be painful for the woman.

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The Antelope Position

The antelope position enhances pleasure and sensations along the vaginal walls. For added excitement, you can play with the position of your legs to tighten around your partner’s penis.

In this position, you are on your knees on the floor, pressing your hands against the bed. Your partner positions themselves behind you in the same way, making penetration possible. Free to move, they can use their hands to caress you. Beware of scraping your knees too much in this position!

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Position: The Sexy V

This position requires some acrobatic skills. The woman sits at the edge of a table. Then she places her legs on her partner’s shoulders. The partner supports themselves by holding her buttocks.

 4 Sexual Positions That Give More Pleasure to a Woman

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