Natural remedies The HIV Life Cycle And The Infection Process

The HIV Life Cycle And The Infection Process

The HIV Life Cycle And The Infection Process


The HIV life cycle refers to the replication process of the HIV virus in the blood. That process happens through T4 cells. It consists in HIV taking advantage of the cells mechanisms to spread through the body.

The HIV life cycle also reflects the process through which HIV takes over T4 cells and destroys them. The process itself deploys in different stages. Understanding HIV life cycle turned out very useful in putting together AIDS medication. Antivirals action focus on each step of this life cycle to control the virus replication.

The stages in the life cycle

HIV life cycle, goes through 7 different steps and has to do with HIV binding, fusion and ultimately replicating itself out of T4 cells.

First, it involves the virus clinging to T4 receptors. Then, it fuses with the cell to pass the membrane, and convert its genetic material to enter the cell’s core. It later combines both genetic materials and produce protein blocks for new version of itself. The phenomenon refers to HIV hijacking the immune system natural functioning, as all viruses tend to do with specific cells ( Source ). To get a better understanding of what goes on through HIV life cycle, take a look at the following picture.

the hiv life cycle

The life cycle can be mistaken with the virus progression stages in the body. This state of affairs has nothing to do with the virus life cycle as a means of replication. It’s rather a consequence of that process. However it’s easy to mistake both processes since consequences relate better to one scenario than the other. Therefore, HIV progression involves in the infection moving progressively to AIDS. It demonstrates the level of control over the immune system, that stems from the virus life cycle.

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