Warm Water For Unblocking Fallopian Tubes

Warm Water For Unblocking Fallopian Tubes

To rely on warm water for unblocking Fallopian tubes means, to trust natural treatments to fix fertility issues. As delicate as fertility issues are, which natural solutions can one resort to ? Which ones specifically treat blocked Fallopian tubes ? Is using warm water for unblocking Fallopian tubes one of them ?

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Fallopian tubes: what are they ?

Fallopian tubes are the female organs that connect the ovaries to the uterus. In the reproductive system, Fallopian tubes are where fertilization takes place. It’s where sperm meets egg. Their function is to allow the fertilized egg to pass from the ovaries to the uterus. The uterus is where the fertilized egg implants and grows into a fetus.

Blocked Fallopian tubes: what’s the status?

A blockage in Fallopian tubes prevents sperm from reaching the egg or prevents a fertilized egg from making its way to the uterus. Either scenario leads to female infertility. Now blocked Fallopian tubes result from damage, inflammation, or scarring. Those are due to previous infections, fibroids, endometriosis, previous ectopic pregnancy or surgery. Therefore if using warm water is useful for unblocking Fallopian tubes, how does it act on those causes ? Actually, most natural treatments aim at suppressing blockage by reducing inflammation in the tubes. Does warm water has such effect for unblocking Fallopian tubes?

Blocked Fallopian tubes: conventional treatments

It’s important to remind that, for conventional medicine, relevance of treatment resides in the treatment capacity to allow natural pregnancy. For that matter, conventional medicine distinguishes 2 types of blocked tubes situation depending on the level of damage the blockage inflicts to the tubes. So according to that distinction, you either have blocked Fallopian tubes with minimal damage, or blocked Fallopian tube with severe damage (important scar tissue or inflammation). The distinction is important in order to decide how to carry on conception. In case of minimal damage, surgery occurs with doctor’s advice, to remove the blockage, and carry on with natural pregnancy. However, in cases of severe damage, removal is not the foremost prescription.

Warm Water For Unblocking Fallopian Tubes
In-vitro fertilization

Actually, in case of obstructed tubes with severe damage, tubes are usually left still. Conception is simply carried on through IVF. Now, surgery is only prescribed in case of severe damage, if tubes fill with hydrosalpinx. In fact, in such case, surgery is prescribed to remove the tubes altogether, because hydrosalpinx hinders IVF success rate. No previous therapy or technique like warm water for unblocking tubes is carried on. This makes treatment of blocked tubes, essentially performed through surgery when it comes to conventional medicine .

Natural treatments for unblocking Fallopian tubes

Among natural treatments that promote clearance of blocked Fallopian tubes, there are different recommendations. First of all we distinguish behaviors that promote avoidance of specific habits because of their overall negative impacts on fertility, including Fallopian tubes health. Among these are smoking, and alcohol consumption.

  • smoking and fertility
  • alcohol consumption and fertility

Secondly, specific practices are recommended to keep chances of remaining fertile as high as possible. Among these are reducing stress levels activities such as practice of meditation, mindfulness or massage therapy, and lastly, exercising.

Thirdly, we have treatments that aim at reducing and removing blockage. Among these are pelvic physical therapies and natural supplements. Pelvic therapies manipulate surrounding tissues of the tubes to remove blockage and allow natural pregnancy.

Warm Water For Unblocking Fallopian Tubes
Pelvic physical therapy

Natural supplements however, provide benefits from specific properties, to reduce and remove blockage. Elements with antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties such as curcumin , vitamin c, omega-3 fatty acids are sought out. Their action targets and reduces conditions that trigger blocked Fallopian tubes: inflammation, infection, or scar tissue development, whatever their causes. It’s important to mention that supplements can also be used as a second category treatment.

Finally, Chinese herbal medicine aims at increasing pregnancy rates despite blockage. Actually, it is very successful at allowing this. It doubles pregnancy rates in such cases, compared with common medical alternatives.

Therefore, when choosing a therapy, it is normal to identify how it works and which results it seeks. Consequently its important to ask, how does warm water for unblocking tubes act on blocked Fallopian tubes ?

The method of using warm water for unblocking Fallopian tubes

Using warm water for unblocking Fallopian tubes is Chinese medicine staple. It’s a blend of the third and the fourth practice recommended to treat blocked Fallopian tubes. The therapy aims at increasing success rate of pregnancy, by easing conditions that sustain the blockage: inflammation, infection, or scar tissue development, especially inflammation. The goal is to lower inflammation enough, to reduce blockage and allow better chances of carrying natural pregnancy. The core practice in Chinese traditional medicine relies on using tepid or warm water to act on the surrounding tissues of the Fallopian tubes. It is usually carried using a travelling bag filled with warm water, for unblocking Fallopian tubes .

Warm Water For Unblocking Fallopian Tubes
chinese traditionnal medicine

Chinese traditional medicine considers that, the pathogenesis of tubal blockage, lies in stagnation and blockage of crucial energy and blood, within the vessels of the uterine cavity. This, supposedly cause malfunction of the womb (blocked Fallopian tubes). So the therapy relies on the long-term effect of applying warm water to ease the obstruction of the tubes. Applying warm water on the belly however, simply activates and generates blood circulation from the abdominal area, to allow transmission of blood and blood flow. The therapy therefore initiates rehabilitation of the tubes and as such, warm water for unblocking Fallopian tubes can serve as the first step in the treatment of a blocked tubes pathology. Therefore, it needs to be complemented with other procedures, as part of a complete therapy.

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