Natural remedies What is the role of cassava in improving sperm quality?

What is the role of cassava in improving sperm quality?


Male fertility is a determining factor in the health of sperm. As gentlemen, you must adopt simple daily actions to improve the quality of your sperm and therefore increase your chances of conception. Indeed, the quality of sperm (and therefore fertility) also depends on a healthy diet and lifestyle, as for women. So what is the role of cassava in improving sperm quality?

the role of cassava in improving sperm quality

What is the role of cassava in improving sperm quality?

What is sperm?

Semen is a whitish fluid that is expelled from the urethra during ejaculation and is secreted by the testicles. The purpose of sperm is reproduction. It acts as a conductor to transport spermatozoids to the female reproductive organ.

For this reason, the good quality of the sperm is essential to achieve fertilization.

Sperm characteristics

A sperm of good quality must have the following characteristics:

  • Color: it must be whitish or gray.
  • Solidity: the appearance must be gelatinous.
  • Smell: it should be similar to the smell of chlorine.
  • Taste: Due to its fructose content, it tends to be sweet.
  • Quantity: normal is between 1.5 and 5.0 milliliters.

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Factors Affecting Sperm Quality

There are conditions and factors that can affect the aspects of semen mentioned above. Moreover, they can also decrease the chances of fertilization. Here are a few :

The quality of the sperm will largely depend on this aspect. The older the man is, the lower his fertility is.

Exercises or extreme sports
Practiced in excess, these affect the quality of sperm. The use of steroids can also influence in the same way, or even more.

This includes alcohol, tobacco and drugs. These toxic substances significantly affect the quality of sperm because they decrease the quantity of sperm. Similarly, the consumption of certain medications can have an impact.

Fizzy drinks
Excessive soft drink consumption is also associated with sperm quantity and quality.

Environmental pollution influences sperm quality
Industrial pollution and its consequences are felt above all among men who live in large industrialized cities.

Hard or rough work as well as stress contribute to low sperm count. If you are a very stressed person, try to get plenty of rest and sleep at night.

Certain diseases like blood pressure, cholesterol and heart problems, among others, also affect the quality of sperm. The same goes for sexually transmitted diseases.

Contact with chemicals
Exposure to radiation and chemicals gradually affects the reproductive organ and the quality of sperm.

Abstinence influences sperm quality
This involves not having sex for a long time. Therefore, try to activate your sex life.

“The purpose of sperm is reproduction. It acts as a conductor to transport spermatozoids to the female reproductive organ”

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High body temperature

A specific factor that greatly influences sperm quality is a large change in body temperature. This is why it is said that too recurrent or prolonged fever in a man affects the quality of sperm.

However, the effect of fever is only temporary. In fact, sperm quality returns to normal as soon as the body temperature stabilizes.

Also, avoid any situation that increases the temperature in the genital area. To do this, avoid:

  • Hot showers and saunas.
  • Computer devices and cell phones near the lower part of the waist.
  • The use of pants or clothing that is too tight. It is best if they are loose and made of cotton.
  • Trying to sleep without underwear. This will keep the testicles cool.

Having strong and healthy sperm is fundamental. This will increase the chances of fertilization. You can achieve this by eating a healthy, balanced diet, with adequate levels of calcium and by ejaculating regularly. So is there a way to improve sperm quality?

What is the role of cassava in improving sperm quality?

Cassava, a starchy tuber often used to make flour chips… is effective in the treatment of infertility in men.

The remedy is to look for a cassava tuber, peel it, divide into two parts, and eat it raw morning and night. Repeating this for 3 days thickens your semen and makes it very rich in sperm. Rest assured that you now have holy sperm.

However, when your fluid would not have experienced any improvement, it is important to consult a gynecologist doctor.

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